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3 Simple Cleaning Hacks for your Vacation Rental Property

It’s never fun to get that notification from a guest that something got missed during a cleaning. Whether you are in that initial phase where you are roughing it and cleaning yourself, or you’ve hired a cleaner to pick up this crucial part of your rental business, these 3 cleaning hacks will help you prioritize efficiency along with a spotless cleaning - every time.


It’s really important to have the same system for each cleaning. Here is a fool proof tip that is easy to remember and will keep your vacation rental in ship shape:

  • Step 1: Pick up: Put everything where it goes

  • Step 2: Dust: High & Low

  • Step 3: Clean: Wipe everything down, top to bottom

  • Step 4: Check: Double check your work

  • Step 5: Floors: Always clean the floors last

This way, you can always have the certainty that everything is cleaned the same way every time, leaving minimal chances for anything to be missed

Easy, simple, and efficient!


Did you know you can clean almost ANYTHING by mixing these two widely universal cleaning products with water? You want to make sure you use them individually (mix together at your own risk!) with water.

Specifically dawn is great for mirrors, windows, and deep cleaning maintenance such as doors, cabinets, and baseboards. Vinegar is better for the bathrooms and deep cleaning appliances, since it has the strength to cut down bacteria and mildew.

Plus, these products are great for your budget and will last for the long term.

All you need is a professional sprayer, 1 oz of dawn dish soap or vinegar, and fill the sprayer to the top with water.

This hack will save your wallet AND create a shining, clean environment for your guest!


You can use the good ole’ trusty clipboard and a printed checklist, or use something digital that makes it effortless to double check your work or the work of your cleaner.

If you’ve never heard of the Co-Keeper app, you may be missing out on this innovative tool.

Co-Keeper provides virtual cleaning reports, customizable checklist templates for each property, as well as an easy way to track supplies. The cleaner and the host get to collaborate efficiently to get the job done, and the guest is able to enjoy a clean, fully stocked, organized space.

In order for your guest to have the best experience (and to leave you a good review in the end) it's absolutely crucial to implement organization and efficiency into the cleaning process. Make sure you check out Co-Keeper (just click here) and start using it as a tool to add more value to your rental properties and guest experience.

Were these tips helpful for you? Let us know in the comment section, and feel free to share your own cleaning hacks!

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