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How to Automate Your Airbnb Business

If you are reading this and just getting started as an Airbnb host, you are in the right place at the right time! In the beginning stages of investing in your Airbnb rental, it can be so difficult to get everything in order and find the MOST efficient ways to move the needle forward. In this article, you’ll learn about some automation processes that you can start utilizing to support your Airbnb business.

Self Check in:

This can come in the form of lockboxes or electronic locks. You can also use apps like August that seamlessly integrate with airbnb, and provide the ability to message with guests. For example when a guest books an airbnb that is integrated with August, they automatically have instructions sent to their airbnb inbox (and a unique code) to get into the property.

Automated Responses

Set up automated responses and scheduled check in / out messages on airbnb. Don't know how to set up an automated response quite yet? Well, here is a step by step guide via Airbnb:

To create a scheduled message

  1. Go to your hosting Inbox.

  2. Open the left folder menu.

  3. Select Scheduled Messages.

  4. Click or tap + New Message.

  5. Enter a name to identify this template (this won’t be shown to guests).

  6. Type your message and insert any shortcodes (ex: Guest’s first name) to customize the message.

  7. Click or tap the language of your message. Setting the language affects how your shortcodes are translated.

  8. Select the listings this message should apply to. Both upcoming and current reservations for these listings will get this message.

  9. Select the action that will automatically trigger this message: Booking confirmed, Check-in, or Checkout.

  10. Select the time before or after the trigger to send the message. Messages will be sent in the listing’s time zone.

  11. Select Save.

Cleanings & Supply Inventory

Managing cleanings and supply inventory virtually takes physical time off of your hands and also makes the process more efficient for your cleaner. If you've never used an app to manage cleanings, Co-Keeper is a thorough and lucrative option. Here are a couple of reviews reflecting the cleanliness of a unit being managed with Co-Keeper:

Your properties' reputation on airbnb is obviously very important to whether or not people choose to stay in your airbnb over the next one - what if ALL of your reviews confirmed your property is super clean, organized, and fully stocked?! In the end, utilizing a tool like Co-Keeper can really offer the benefit of booked out stays, and everyone wins.

Same Day Delivery

Let's say your guest(s) will be staying for 2-3 weeks in your rental property, and they run out of toiletries or laundry detergent the 2nd week. Utilizing a service like Shipt where all you have to do is order online and have it delivered for your guest in the same day they run out. This tool is also great for your cleaners on check in days when something may be out or running low.

Channel Manager

These types of systems sync your PMS (Property Management System) to other networks and travel websites. Of course, there are many other benefits to utilizing a tool like this such as calendar and price syncing, as well as the capacity to push data into multiple sales channel websites simultaneously.

With the process of investing, furnishing, and setting up systems being pretty lengthy at times - automation will help solve some of the basic issues that seem to be at hand for many hosts. As a starting point, these are our top 5 automation systems we recommend for airbnb hosts.

Did you already know about/use some of these?

If this is all new to you.. where are you going to start as far as automation goes? Let us know in the comments!


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