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5 Ways to Enhance Your Airbnb

We engage in the hospitality industry for a reason, right? Some of the greatest joys from hosting come from creating a fulfilling and unique experience for your guests... not just giving them a place to sleep! The detail and care that goes into creating your space is important - so here are 5 tangible ways to enhance your Airbnb & make your vacation rental feel like home.

1. Faux Plants

Peace, Love, and Aesthetic.

Obviously you can opt in for real plants, but this may become problematic when you have to ask your guests to water your plants on their vacation. ;) However, you can still offer the aesthetic without the labor! Add some gorgeous faux plants to your vacation rental to give the atmosphere some earthy tones that feel comforting. Some other simple ways you could bring a calming vibe would be area rugs, boho themed decor, and cozy throw blankets. YES please!

2. Welcome Baskets

If you don't already incorporate welcome baskets, this is a great way to make your guest feel that 'warm welcome' feeling. Trust me, this one is sure to have them raving in the reviews! Here are some items you can put in your welcome basket for guests to enjoy:

  • Snacks/chocolate candies

  • Water bottles, wine, sparkling water, etc.

  • A bubbly "Welcome Home!" letter with a little bit about you (the host) inside. This is also a great time to let your guest know you are available if they need anything or have any questions.

  • Your wifi password. Yes, it's probably on the airbnb app for them to access, but this makes it easy and quick for the guest to pop in the code instantly when they arrive.

  • If you really want to go above and beyond, throw in a unique coffee or tea mug for your guest to keep. They will always remember you when drinking out of the mug, and most likely tell others about their experience staying in your rental property!

Quick Tip

We know what you may be thinking... this feels like a-lot of items to keep track of. But trust us when we say that a little extra effort goes a long way for you guest's experience! If you are looking for an easy and virtual way to keep track of supplies and inventory, Co-Keeper has a great tool to help with this.

3. Streaming Services

You don't necessarily have to break the bank with offering cable/satellite, but you do want to make sure to offer some kind of streaming service for your guests to veg out after a long day of exploring your town. Netflix and Hulu are popular options, and providing both keeps the cost low, but ensures your guest has a little variety to choose from.

Helpful tip* Sometimes guests will sign out of your account and into their own, so be sure to remind your cleaner to check the account during the cleaning process. With Co-Keeper, you can provide your cleaner with a task list & require them to check this off each time so it never gets missed.

4. Recommendation Booklet

Recommendations = a tourists best friend! This is great if you have a lot of your guests traveling on vacation and looking for fun things to do, but even if you aren't in a tourist area we can guarantee your guest will still appreciate the suggestions. List some of the best restaurants or dive bars, clubs and entertainment, and local events to help them ease into getting to know the area during their stay.

5. Essential Oil Diffuser

"Mmmmm, is that lavender?"

It's not a new contrivance, but it IS underrated! Essential oil diffusers are a great option, not only because they add peace and tranquility to the environment - but they also offer a natural essence to the air over candles and air fresheners, which are full of toxins and chemicals. Now, there is nothing wrong with using those items, but this can offer a better solution to some of your guests that may be more sensitive to those things.

Were these tips helpful? We're always so fascinated at the clever and creative ways we see other hosts going above and beyond to provide a truly unique experience. We must never forget that this is the why behind what we do. We're just scratching the surface here, so we'd love to know... how do you make your guests feel more at home?

Share with us in the comments!

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